Atkinson-Jones      Precious Metal Lustres

Our bottles are made of robust glass with a superior cone top and wide neck for ease of application and stability. We sell our lustres in 5 or 10 gms to ensure the longevity of the products.
For orders under 25 P&P is 4 and above 25 P&P is 6.50 for First class post.

Titanium /
Mother of Pearl
£6.50 for 10 gms

For great iridescence
and rainbow effects

£9.50 for 10 gms

Fabulous golden
acid colour

Pale Amber
£7.25 for 10 gms

Peach/Apricot, super lustrous surface

£6.50 for 10 gms

Deep terracotta/orange, lovely variations in tone

New Brown
£8.50 for 10 gms

Rich dark brown
with great lustre

Pale Green
£9.50 for 10 gms

Apple/Mint green with
pink & mauve hues

Moss Green
£10.50 for 10 gms

Soft sage colour with
gold overtones

£9.50 for 10 gms

Wonderful deep acqua if
used with titanium

Dark Blue
£13.50 for 10 gms

Rich navy blue
with amethyst tones

£17.50 for 5 gms

Really good colour
with rich lustre

£9.25 for 5 gms

Rich deep colour
lightens to paler hues

£19.50 for 5 gms

Rich deep red with
magenta tones

£19.75 for 5 gms

Vermillion red
with gold overtones

£17.25 for 5 gms

Deep purple,
like velvet

Bright Gold
£41.25 for 5 gms

Lovely to apply,
requires one coat only

Bright Platinum
£34.00 for 5 gms

Lovely to apply,
requires one coat only


Bright Copper
£28.50 for 5 gms

Good colour with bronze tones,does not fire blue

£6.50 for 10 gms

Used as a lightner, except
for gold, copper platinum

Thinning Oil
£5.00 for 30 gms

Can be used up to 10%
to improve flow